MediCo House Key to Revert, Key to Rebirth MediCo House, a beauty brand under House of Beauty, was founded in 2022. MediCo Blue represents wisdom and keeps your mind and body young and intellectually beautiful at all times. The brand focuses on anti-aging beauty treatments. The combination is carried out in a few steps to open the door to the skin, regenerate and lock collagen, strengthen the endurance after the beauty treatment, extend the life of the skin, and reverse the age of the skin.
Free Trial for MediCo Whitening and Spots Removal Skin Rejuvenation Treatment (Face)

MediCo House offers an advanced laser Picocare instrument, that is recognized by multiple internationally certified patents. It uses different wavelengths to disassemble melanin in both superficial and deep layers of the skin, and helps to remove all kinds of pigmented spots, thus solving the problem of uneven skin color. Other than melanin removal, this treatment also prevents melanin accumulation and spots formation. Furthermore, the treatment is highly effective in improving fine lines and enlarged pores, making your skin tender, whitened, and delicate!

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MediCo House introduces top-notched Micro-bubble deep cleaning device into the treatment. It decomposes cuticle and dirt that blocks pores and gently cleanses the dermis layer of your skin effectively. Hence, the machine comes with anti-inflammatory and sterilisation functions, which can prevent the growth of malignant bacteria, acnes and fat granules. It can also help with maintaining a healthy balance in oil secretion, taking a big leap towards the creation of flawless, tender and glowing skin.  

Free Trial for MediCo Laser and Collagen Rejuvenation Treatment (Cheek to Chin)

Regenerate facial collagen and enhance the eye contour by obtain two effects with one treatment! When women reach their twenties, their collagen levels drop faster than you may anticipate. Micro-aging signs, such as wrinkles and sagging, are gradually emerging. To restore your skin to its youthful state, we must address the source of problem and undergo collagen regeneration treatment. The Laser Collagen Stimulating and Skin Tightening Course at MediCo House utilizes a brand new cosmetic technology that uses 1540nm optical technology to penetrate the dermis (collagen layer), fully awaken the collagen matrix from the bottom of the muscle, and regenerate collagen. The skin's supporting ability can be increased effectively after a course of treatment, the long-lasting result can regenerate the full and elastic aurora attractive skin of customers. The loose eyes are all due to the loss of collagen! 

MediCo House introduces the world's only FDA-certified ultrasound combined with monopolar radio frequency technology to completely activate the collagen and elastin hyperplasia around the eyes. It achieves a firming effect, and effectively repel the problems of eye bags, dark circles, eye lines and sagging under the eyes. Sculpting meticulous and charming eye shapes to develop an attractive and confident appearance.