Shape yourself BodiTone House, a body sculpting and beauty brand under House of Beauty, was founded in 2022. BodiTone green represents health and vitality, giving energy and vibes to shape yourself into what you want. The brand pursues a weight-loss formula that gains more than what it pays, gains muscle while reducing fat, surpasses the effect of ordinary exercise, and lays relaxed to build an ideal and healthy posture."
Free Trial for BodiTone House Targeted Fat Reduction Treatment

BodiTone House is a new generation of safe and stubborn fat chaser, allowing you to lose thick fat easily without dissolving! The brand introduces new fat-dissolving and body-shaping new technology. The unusual target-type warmth-sensing "fat dissolving" treatment targets to eliminate fat cells, without damaging the superficial skin and muscles. 

There is no need to touch the body during the treatment, bringing you a safe, comfortable, painless and efficient firming experience. The breakthrough technology of chasing and heating stubborn fat cells, knocking away the "tiger backs" and "elephant legs", can completely dissolve fat cells while lying down. 

Step 1 Target the area of fat 

Step 2 Target subcutaneous adipose tissue 

Step 3 Targeted heating of fat cells to 46°C 

Step 4 Fat cells fall off naturally after being heated 

Step 5 The dead fat cells are naturally discharged 

Step 6 Restore the health and the waist curve


Free Trial for BodiTone House Cellulite Rejuvenating and Firming Treatment (Choose one of three big parts: abodmen/ arms/ upper legs)

Curve lifting after fat removal, reshapes the youthful body shape! The main reason for the formation of obesity lines is that the subcutaneous fat suddenly increases, and the collagen in the dermis cannot keep up with the proliferation rate of the "subcutaneous tissue", resulting in injury to the dermis, which is easy to form wavy cracks on the skin. BodiTone House introduces the world's only FDA-certified ultrasound combined with monopolar radio frequency technology to activate collagen regeneration, targeting sagging skin, various obesity textures and dehydration! It lifts the body contour in all directions, and at the same time evenly activates the proliferation of collagen and elastin in the dermis, restores the skin's firmness and elasticity, and reshapes the youthful body shape. 

- Activation of Collagen and Protein Proliferation 

- Reshape body curves 

- US FDA Safety Efficacy Certification

 - Comfortable Warm Feeling Process